Scientific programme

Turbulence and Dissipation in Collisionless Astrophysical Plasmas

21-25 September 2015

(Institut d’études scientifiques de Cargèse, CORSICA)

Monday 21/09

08h30-09h00: Arrival/Welcoming

09h00-09h40: P. Hennebelle (CEA, FR), Turbulence in the interstellar medium

09h40-10h20: A. Kritsuk (UCSD, USA), Compressibility in interstellar turbulence

10h20-10h40: Coffee break

10h40-11h20: C. Federrath (Australian Nat. Univ.), Role of turbulence and magnetic fields in star formation

11h20-12h00: F. Rincon (IRAP, FR), Nonlinear mirror instability and astrophysical plasmas

12h00-12h30: Discussion

12h30-14h45: Lunch break

14h45-15h55: A. Beresnyak (NRL, USA), MHD Turbulence in the solar wind (review)

15h55-16h30: A. Verdini (ASAP, IT), Radial evolution of Aflvénic turbulence in the solar wind

16h30-17h00: Coffee break

17h00-17h35: B. Chandran (Univ. UNH, USA), Reflection‐Driven MHD turbulence in the inner heliosphere

17h35-18h10: S. Banerjee (Univ. Köln, DE), Compressible MHD scaling in fast solar wind turbulence

18h10-20h00: Cocktail

Tuesday 22/09

09h30-09h35: L. Sorriso-Valvo (Univ. Calabria, IT), Self-consistent Castaing distribution of the inertial range turbulent fluctuations in the solar wind

09h35-10h10: R. Meyrand (LESIA, FR), Transition from weak to strong MHD turbulence

10h10-10h30: Coffee break

10h30-11h05: E. Camporeale (CWI, NL), Quantifying the role of coherent structures in the cross-scale energy transfer: a space-filter approach

11h05-12h05: B. Chandran (Univ. UNH, USA), Dissipation of turbulence in astrophysical plasmas (review)

12h05-12h30: Discussion

12h30-14h45: Lunch break

14h45-15h20: G. Belmont (LPP, FR), Dissipation in collisional and collisionless plasmas

15h20-15h55: F. Califano (Univ. Pise, IT), 2D-3V Vlasov simulations of plasma turbulence

15h55-16h30: V. Zhdankin (Univ. Boulder, USA), Intermittency of energy dissipation in MHD turbulence

16h30-17h00: Coffee break

17h00-17h35: Y. Buechner (Max Planck, DE), Multi-scale turbulence in collisionless reconnection

17h35-18h10: G. Lapenta (Univ. Leuven, BE), Fully kinetic adaptive PIC simulations of magnetospheric turbulence

18h30-20h00: M. Maksimovic (LESIA, FR), Voyage aux source du vent solaire, les missions Solar Orbiter et Solar Proble Plus (Conférence grand-public)

Wednesday 23/09

09h00-09h35: A. Chasapis (LPP, FR), In-situ study of electron heating and acceleration at sub-proton scales in turbulent reconnection

09h35-10h10: M. Maksimovic (LESIA, FR), Thermodynamics of the solar wind electrons

10h10-10h30: Coffee break

10h30-11h05: F. Valentini (Univ. Calabria, IT), Numerical simulation support to the ESA/THOR mission

11h05-11h40: P. Hellinger (Univ. Prague, CZ), Plasma turbulence and instabilities at proton kinetic scales in the expanding solar wind

11h40-12h15: C. Chen (Imp. College, UK), Nature of solar wind turbulence at kinetic scales

12h15-12h30: Discussion

12h30-14h00: Lunch break

14h00-18h00: Excursion

Thursday 24/09

09h00-10h00: S. Galtier (LPP, FR), Theoretical aspects of electron scale turbulence (review)

10h00-10h35: T. Passot (Obs. Côte d’Azur, FR), Modeling the magnetic energy spectrum at sub-ion scales in the solar wind

10h35-11h00: Coffee break

11h00-12h00: J. Tenbarge (Univ. Maryland, USA), Kinetic modeling of sub-proton scale turbulence (review)

12h00-12h30: Discussion

12h30-14h45: Lunch Break

14h45-15h20: Y. Voitenko (BIRA-IASB, BE), Turbulence generated by tail collisions of Kinetic Alfvén Waves

15h20-15h55: C. Krafft (LPP, FR), Langmuir turbulence in the solar wind : numerical simulations

15h55-16h30: A. Hamza (Univ. New Brunswick, CA), Intermittency in ion acoustic turbulence 

16h30-17h00: Coffee break

17h00-17h35: L. Matteini (Imp. College, UK), Kinetic plasma turbulence at ion scales: 2D hybrid simulations

17h35-18h10: Y. Maneva (CmPA, BE), Interplay between parallel and oblique ion-cyclotron waves and related ion heating in the solar wind

18h10-20h00: Conference dinner

Friday 25/09

09h00-10h00: O. Alexandrova (LESIA, FR), Observational aspects of electron scale turbulence (review)

10h00-10h35: C. Salem (SSL, USA), New insights into the properties and evolution of solar wind core, halo and strahl electrons

10h35-11h00: Coffee break

11h00-12h00: A. Schekochihin (Univ. Oxford, UK), Turbulence at electron scales: phase mixing and entropy cascade (review)

12h00-12h30: Discussion

12h30-14h45: Lunch Break

14h45-15h20: K. Kiyani (LPP, FR), Sub-ion scale intermittency and topological transitions in solar wind turbulence

15h20-15h55: Z. Nemecek (Univ. Charles, CZ), Characteristics of plasma and magnetic field turbulence on transition to kinetic scales

15h55-16h30: Concluding remarks

16h30-17h00: Coffee break

Poster session (21-25/09)

Saturday 26/09: Departure